How to be a referrer

Create an account

You will need a referjobs account in order to both view and refer the jobs that are available. Head on to and click the “sign up” button to register as a new member. If you’re an existing member, simply sign in with your account.

Once registered, you will be designated with a specific referral number, for example, R0123456. This number will be associated with every job that you post.

Refer the job

Share the job either through your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin), through email, or simply copy the job link and share it via other platforms (whatsapp, sms, etc).

Don’t want your ads to be seen as spams? No problem, you can choose to select the specific people to share with. If you know a candidate that fits the role of the job perfectly then directly refer that particular candidate as well.

Screen through the candidate and write a brief recommendation

Job candidates who apply through your postings will be directly linked back to you via your referral number and you will be notified in your referjobs account. If they fit the job profile, all you have to do is perform a basic screening and write a short recommendation on why they stand out, and hit the “recommend” button. The HR department will do the rest.

Get rewarded!

And voila! Your job’s done! Now all you have to do is wait for any updates on the candidate. You can check the status of all your candidates through your referjobs dashboard. If any of your candidates successfully land the job then your hard work will be rewarded!